‘Babe… I’m pregnant…’


To say that 2013 was my year is an understatement.

I've been with my husband since I was 19; we survived 3 months apart while he was travelling, equalling an £1000 phone bill, alcohol fuelled nights at university and sharing a single bed for well over a year (he’s a 6ft1 rugby player)! It was an interesting start to a future that was a real unknown for both of us…

And after buying our first home in March and getting engaged in August 2011, along comes 2013 – the year that truly changed both our lives!

Wales VS England 6 Nations Grand Slam Decider. Hubby settled down to watch the game. He’d been waiting weeks to watch it, and this is the moment I chose to announce my news.

‘Babe… I’m pregnant…’

 And he laughs… A lot! I’m stood there thinking, why is he laughing? This is not funny. What are we going to do? We've booked our wedding for 5th July 2014 and we’re relying on 2 wages to pay that off! We can’t afford all our bills and a wedding of that size on Mat Leave pay.

My initial thoughts always come from my head and not from my heart! This is where the stark differences between my husband and I become apparent! I’m a realist and he is a dreamer. Neither is right or wrong, but the one positive is, we level each other out. At some point that day, after a lot of tears (happy ones of course!) and talking, we met in the middle; amazing news but how will we manage?

I’m a traditionalist. It’s the way I've been brought up. For myself, I have always wanted to meet a partner, buy a house, get married and then have children. I don’t think this is the only path or think that this is the ‘right’ way to do it, each to their own! But this is what I envisaged for my life.

 So I’m pregnant, and I’m not married yet… Hmm… how can I change this?

I decide that getting married in 8 weeks would be a great idea.
I have to move the date at the church, find a venue for the reception, pick flowers, and a cake, favours, bridesmaid dresses, ushers suits… and who can forget my dress… There is so much to think about when you get married but there is something very amazing about having perspective on your side. It makes you see your wedding for what is important, and you learn not to worry about all the petty stuff that usually goes along with it…
My mum was the one that took on every stress and every worry that I should have had about my special day. She was, and is, truly amazing! She helped me organise every fine detail to make it magical for everyone involved; I would call her at 11 at night and she would be looking at sweet shop signs, and engraved gifts..

And who could forget my husband.. I must say, although he dipped out of planning duties, he kept me sane when I was panicking about the colour of the sashes on the back of the chairs and whether we should have a band or a DJ. ‘But there are only going to be 40-odd people, and I’m not sure our grandparents are going to appreciate DJ Jezza playing ‘Damn She’s a Sexy B*tch..’ at 2am..’

When all is said and done, although we had to cut down on the size (we had a baby on the way don’t you know….) it was a beautiful day for me and I’m sure, everyone that came.. even if my husband’s corsage fell off, one of the bridesmaid’s dresses split, and when I confirmed that I was happy for the reception venue to play their in-house CD, it turned out to be Emeli Sande… who I don’t actually like… The one thing that I will always remember is the love that I felt in the room... It oozed out of everyone!

So if I could offer suggestions to anyone planning a wedding; remember the day is about you and your partner, no one really cares about the favours or the colour scheme, and it is good to have time, but too much time can make you forget why you all got together in the first place.

Once we’d said our vows, partied the night away (I mean, how much partying can you really do when you’re 17 weeks pregnant) and we returned to our humble 2 bed flat, that’s when my mind starting whirring away… again!

‘Babe… do you think we need a garden for bubba…?’

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