Daily Dish: Decorating your bubba's bedroom


So this post is gonna be slightly different to my usual. I’ve decided to share with you my D.I.Y decorating of Theo’s bedroom.. He’s turning 3 months in February, and so I wanted to get a head start on prepping before he makea the transition to his new sanctuary at 6 months old. Head start, you might say? Well, don’t judge me. I moved in the night before I went into labour, remember? So… I’m now finding my first opportunity to get stuck in and organise the space.

Before I start, let me get some things straight.

I’m not a decorator.

I refuse to paint.

My budget is minimal.

To be frank, it’s not going to look like a spread straight out of ‘Mother and Baby’. I’m a normal lady… and as much as I would love it to have faux fur foot stools and a diamond chandelier, it isn’t going to happen!

My biggest ‘want’ for his bedroom is for it to be calming. I’m sure my dad will tell you about the time I decided I wanted to paint my bedroom ‘zingy’ yellow! Talk about bouncing off the walls. It was so bright I could barely sleep! And clearly, it’s hard enough getting a mini-me to sleep anyway, never mind having too many distractions. I still want it to be a fun space, but for that fun to come from the toys in it. Things that can be put away/organised! (just in case you were wondering, we re-painted it egg yolk!) I want somewhere to cuddle him, read him stories, sing him songs. And of course, somewhere for him to play when he's old enough to enjoy time on his own. 

Secondly, I fell in love when I picked Theo’s Moses basket and cot bedding. They are matching ‘Winnie the Pooh, Starry Night’, and I would like to have this as the main theme for his bedroom. It’s white and grey, very cute – for me, I would like to shy away from the standard ‘boy blue’ and do something a bit different! But who knows what his room will look like once it's his own choice. If he's anything like his mother, we may have problems...

Lastly, I would really like to have a chair. Whether that is possible or not is a different story! It’s a fairly small room, so I know I’m going to have to really prepare and measure to get everything to fit in! But, who can deny how good it would feel being able to snuggle up to your bubba in a cosy chair right before bobos!

Honestly, I’ve done no research for visuals on how I want it to look but I’m excited to share it with you all.

You’ll get to see the before and after…. and all the in-between!

So here's a first incite on what I have already…

Tuscany 3-in-1 Cotbed in Natural

Cost: ON SALE! £149.99

Starry Night Cot/Cotbed Bedding Set

Cost: ON SALES! £89.99

Starry Night Embroided Nappy Stacker


Cost: £21.99





Get ready guys! It’ll be mayhem, I’m sure of it…


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