Daily Dish: Dream Feeding


 When I first heard about dream feeding, I thought it was a pretty strange concept! If you're not too sure what it is, here's a little incite:

"The dreamfeed is the feed that you give baby before you go to bed. It is the feed right after baby's bedtime feed when he is already asleep and in bed for the night."

I practice this theory every night with Theo, and for us as a family, it has worked wonders. At 6 weeks he was sleeping through the night... well from 9pm until 5am, then back to sleep until around 7:30.. I'm a lucky mumma, but I do attribute this to the dream feed. It allows baby to sleep straight through, without considering it to be a normal day time feed. You can do this whether you are breast or bottle feeding, however it is slightly harder with breast just because their sleep cycles are generally shorter due to hunger. Make sure that if you decide to dream feed, you do some research; they need to be at a certain weight/age to go through the night without a feed.

Well last night was like any other night. Theo had his bath, was fed before he went to bed and was settled in his cot for 9:15pm. 11:30 rolls around, which is around the time we offer him the dream feed... and it's my turn! 
My husband has been off work for the last 2 weeks and we've been 'sharing' duties... Well, at least he seems to think so.

I creep up the stairs, gently lift him out of his cot and begin feeding. 
It took us around 6 days to teach Theo how to dream feed; they need to be in a light sleep really, for this to work but nothing that a little tickle on the chin won't change.

He suddenly stops mid-feed and starts to squeeze. And this is where it all changes. He decided that this is when he's going to hit me up with a number two. So I'm feeding in the glimmer of his blue night-light, and I'm trying to decide how I can change him, and clean him up with little light/noise/stimulation.
On the bed he goes, hall light goes on... okay, that's not going to work because I have to walk through the hall to get him to his changing table... His bedroom light goes on... that's too much light... he'll think it's morning... 

To cut a long story short, I got him back in bed, clean and dry, and off he went to the land of nod.. but not without my heart racing at the sheer paranoia that I might not get a solid 6 hours! I've been spoiled that's for sure...

Things really change when you have a bubba, but it does teach you to never take anything for granted... I never realised how much I loved sleep!

Let me know your thoughts and experiences of dream feeding... it doesn't always go to plan!

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