‘Love it or Leave it’ – Asda’s Little Angels Nappies and Tesco’s Cheeky Bots Nappies


Having a baby is pretty expensive. But the most daunting part is having no idea what you’ll need or what products are the best for your bubba. The good thing about the internet is that there are so many reviews out there; reviews for prams, toys, and electronics. What about the other things that you use more often than you can say ‘breast milk’?
I will be quite frank with you; I have never used a branded nappy, eg. Pampers, Huggies. My thoughts with brands are that sometimes you’re paying for the name more so than you’re paying for quality... Sometimes! Haven’t found anything that quite compares to Sudocrem… yet ;)
I love shopping at Tesco because of the baby clothes. I find the food is slightly over priced in comparison to Asda, so it isn’t my usual playground. So I started off using Asda’s Little Angels. That was my choice of nappy. But less about me…

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty.

Asda’s Little Angels Nappies

Two kinds. Newborn with different sizes available depending on birth weight and Comfort Dry.

Cost: Depending on size and amount of nappies, £3 - £7

Tesco’s Cheeky Bots Nappies

Lots of sizes from Newborn to size 5.

Cost: Half price at the moment, £15 but usually £30 for a pack this size. Again, size and amount differ.


I love the newborn Asda nappies because they’re nice and soft for those ‘fresh out the womb’ thighs. My initial impressions of the Comfort Dry nappies were that they felt a lot thinner and that they were more plastic-y than the first nappies I’d use. The other thing I don’t like is that they do feel harsher on the skin but I think that comes with the territory when they are no longer newborns and you have to change to a nappy that is relevant to their age and weight.

The Cheeky Bots nappies are great. They are very similar to the newborn nappies at Asda, in the sense that they feel less rigid than the Asda Comfort Dry. They are, in fact, thinner which means you’re not padding out your bubba’s baby grow for no reason. They’re soft, and the edging round the legs doesn’t feel rough.

Winner: Cheeky Bots.


When you have a brand new bundle, everything down south is very wet and you need something that can cope. I never had a leak with the newborn nappies; the only time I did, was when I was due to go up a size. Theo was and is a chunk. He weighed 6lb11oz at birth, and within a month he was 10lb5oz. I’d come to terms with the fact that he was no longer a newborn, so I picked up a size 3 in Comfort Dry. I couldn’t understand how they were going to contain leaks or be more absorbent; however I was very surprised the first night I used them. When I changed Theo in the morning, it was a full nappy but you wouldn’t have guessed without opening it up!

Again, similarly to the Comfort Dry nappies, the Cheeky Bots don’t leak and they last all night, which is the most important thing for any mum or dad looking for the best nappy for their little one! They start to swell once it starts to soak up the wee, but they don’t leave your baby sodden.

Theo has never had a rash with either nappy which, to me, proves that they both work equally.

Winner: it’s a tie.


They are never massive differences with usage of nappies. They’re designed to be the same; strips that don’t come loose and the edging on the legs not to leak. Again, I had no problems. Both nappies stay strapped when you do them up, and the edging is easy to sort out if it ever gets tucked in when putting the nappy on. What makes me sway more towards Cheeky Bots is that Theo leaked up his back with Little Angels. That could be due to how tight I did up the strips, or it could be the nappy. I don’t know..

Winner: it’s a tie.


The Asda nappies are super super cute. They have the name and logo written on the back, and they’re covered in multi-coloured spots! I love it.

Cheeky Bots… bit of a snooze to look at. A frog where the strips go. That’s about it!

Winner: Little Angels.


Little Angels. Simple. At Asda, you get 140-150 for around £14! Good nappy, great price.

The Cheeky Bots nappies were on offer at half price (£15). I will say that I’m not sure I’d pay £30 for 180 nappies but each to their own.

Winner: Little Angels.

Overall winner: Little Angels

So, from the above, I think I will be sticking with Little Angels. I don’t feel there is a great enough difference between the two companies’ nappies for me to say that I would ‘leave’ the Cheeky Bots nappies but I definitely ‘Love’ Little Angels. The consensus from discussing it with my followers on Facebook is that people are definitely swaying towards supermarket own brand nappies rather than the likes of Pampers or Huggies. So what you go for, is down to personal choice. I’d always suggest going for cheaper if you’re not sacrificing on comfort and use! That would be the only reason I would pay more.

Just to add it to the mix, the Asda’s own sensitive wipes are great too, moist and soothing for those little botties, if you’re thinking of going all out..!

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