Where to start... Are you judging me yet?


In my opinion, starting a blog is probably one of the most daunting things ever! 

What will people be interested in? How often should I post? Where do I begin? How much of my life do I reveal publicly?

I'm sat here, 2 months after giving birth to my amazing son Theo, wanting to share my experiences with others (happy and sad I might add..) ... and document all the amazing things that are sure to happen..

Becoming a mother is something that changes your life in a single moment - it's the hardest and most incredible thing I've ever done and I gain a lot of support in my decisions through online groups/apps/websites/books, not just from family. What's expected in bringing up a child changes every day; I truly feel like there is conflicting information and a lot of pressure to do what is socially acceptable, rather than what comes from the heart.

I want to share my ups and downs, the pit and peak of my days so that other ‘ordinaries’ out there feel like they aren't alone..

I’m pretty darn excited about it! So follow my journey...

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