Daily Dish: Bathtime


My absolute favourite time of day! Not only is it part of Theo's routine, but it's an amazing time for me to bond with my son. 

Theo and I bath together every night. How on earth did that come about, I hear you say? 
Well let's skip back in time a little. Theo's first bath! He was around 8/9 days old. Teeny tiny still, and I'd bought a plastic bath seat instead of a tub. I liked the idea of him enjoying, and getting used to, our big bath rather than sloshing around in the living room. 

He was wide awake, so I stripped him off, filled up the bath, 37 degrees exactly and prepared to plop him in. I don't know whether any of you have or remember feeling 37 degrees. It's not luxuriously hot like you would expect a bath to be! It's pretty darn cold. But it's what they advice for newborn skin.. 

My husband and I wrap him in his towel and take him in. 

'Right babe, pop him in the seat.'

I've never heard him cry quite like he did at that very moment, and before I'd realised, I'd taken off all my clothes and jumped straight in. 

So that's how co-bathing had started. And now every night, it's my opportunity as get clean and have some fun with my bubba. I love it! He loves being in the water, doesn't care if it goes on his face and spends most of his time kicking and splashing around. 

An alternative to the blissful bath experience, a memory that will never escape my mind.. The night Theo pooed in the bath! This is when co-bathing is not advised. 
He'd had a good day, the usual, lying around smiling and laughing. I'd changed at least 6 nappies that day, and no poo. I didn't think anything of it. I know bottle fed babies can sometimes go a day without doing a number two! 

So I prepped the bath as usual. Got Theo undressed and my husband brought him in to me, while I jumped in. He's playing with the bubbles, kicking his legs like crazy and he suddenly stops dead. 
I start cooing at him, and chit chatting away like usual when I see his face scrunch, turn pink and the grunting begins...

'Oh my godddddddd..... Baaaaaabe! Oh my god oh my god. Babe he's pooing in the bath, hurry!'

Out of the water he comes, and he's hanging over the edge of the bath, poo hitting my bath mat! 

It was almost enough for me to never want to co-bath again, the state of the water made it look like Golschlager vodka. If you don't know it, I recommend looking it up. 

But I wouldn't change that memory for the world. However grim it may seem, it's something I'll always be able to look back on and laugh at. Pretty satisfying too that I can share it at his 18th birthday or even when he has his first girlfriend. 

What are mums for, hey?

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