Choosing Theo's High Chair


Have you ever gone to a restaurant and loved the food, but couldn't get over how uncomfortable the chairs are? Imagine eating there every night..

That's what it's like for your baby. You might serve up the best grub, but what sort of mood would you be in if you had a sore bum!

I tried to remember this when I was choosing Theo's high chair. In my eyes, it's important to shop around but also make sure that you're happy with your choice and that it's suitable for you baby (and their age!) 

I looked online, went to a few local shops and had a cheeky feel as I went. I wanted cushioned heaven for my bubba's tush and adjustable height/recline positions. Obviously, something that looked cute too!

I settled with Argos as my choice of retail recommendation! I'd seen a Mamas and Papas high chair, at a reduced price. Thumbs up to that! 

And for you nosy sausages out there.. Here's a link and a piccie...$ja=cgid:12551361990%7Ctsid:41361%7Ccid:166596030%7Clid:53881522830%7Cnw:g%7Ccrid:33818993190%7Crnd:10018626003553435209%7Cdvc:m%7Cadp:1o1

It's perfect, as I said, for what we want. I can feed him wherever is suitable, at the table, on the sofa. And it is so comfortable and soft for him! High five to Mamas and Papas. I love it a lot! 

The height range is great, and it reclines which allows for development. Theo is pretty good now at holding his head up, and is so close to sitting up.. 

Not only does he love eating it, he loves chilling in it too. Multipurpose! And as a woman, I freakin' love that!

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