Daily Dish: Sleep Regression


Wow. Only word that comes to mind when I think about sleep regression.

No one tells you about it. It's like the worst secret ever! 

I'm buzzing - Theo has been sleeping through the night since he was 7 weeks old and I feel like I've truly nailed it. Each morning I wake up and jump for joy because I realise it's 7:30! Bingo Theo - high five. 

Let's jump forward a few months. Theo is coming up to 16 weeks, and I wake up with a start. It's 2am and he's screaming! What on earth is going on? I'm thinking, maybe he had a bad dream. So I try to resettle him, it's a struggle, but he falls back asleep. 

Suddenly I'm wide awake. He's screaming again. It's 3:15am. Oh my god! It's taken me 40 minutes to get him back to sleep and already he's awake.

To cut this dreary story short, it goes on like this until 6am and I become that shoe shuffling zombie I once was, when he was a newborn!

This went on for a couple of weeks. We're just coming out the back end of it now and Theo is back into old habits. 

So the purpose of the blog... It's time for me to share some of my findings with you! 

1) this isn't permanent
2) stick to your normal routine as much as possible
3) despite what others may say, cuddles don't always work (for a moment, I thought my child may hate me!)
4) your little one is definitely not doing it on purpose... I don't think!
5) you're going to be tired
6) it's rubbish

From my online research, it seems that thoughts about sleep regression vary. Some say that it will get better after 6 weeks, others say a few days. I definitely don't have the answers, but my biggest suggestion (if you will...) is not to create a rod for your own back. Don't start getting into bad habits just to pacify. From around 4 months, babies learn how to properly soothe themselves to sleep, and if you provide a million and one crutches for them, they'll need them every single time they wake. Of course, unless you're happy to rock them to sleep, replace dummies at all hours, or co-sleep! It's personal preference and who am I to say what is right and wrong? 

The biggest thing I have learned is that Theo changes every single day, and nothing is for certain. I will now cherish each night I get a full 6 hours, because who knows when I'll get it again! 

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