'Babe... I think I'm gonna stop breastfeeding...'


I've always said that I will breastfeed, but unlike most women I'm sure, I refused to put any pressure on myself.

"I will do it for as long as I want to, as long as I feel happy, and as long as baby likes it.."

I never set any time lengths, and I refused to cave to the outside pressure you feel from anyone in the medical profession. 
This is what I would say to most women! Do what you want and not what you feel you have to. If you want to breastfeed until they're 2, you go girl and if you don't, then same to you! It is your baby, and you don't want to remember the first months of your little ones life as being racked with guilt because you gave up.. There are more important things in life!

And so the transition began.. One bottle would replace a feed every few days and before I knew it, Theo was a bottle fed baby! 

I began to notice that the time between his feeds were getting longer and the timings became more solid. We hit 7 weeks just after Christmas. We'd been staying at my parents house during all the holiday celebrations and I'd been getting up once a night with him for his bottle. 

NYE. We had a really quiet evening, spent just with my mum and dad, a few glasses of champagne (another bonus of not breastfeeding I must say...) and a 'soon after midnight' bedtime. I snuggled up with my husband while Theo lay in his makeshift cot next to me, and I smiled to myself about all the wonderful things that had happened to me in 2013. Marriage, baby and new house! Heaven. I drifted off with all these amazing thoughts running through my mind!

I wake up with the usual grunting from Theo. I don't know whether any of your babies do it, but he doesn't suddenly start screaming when he's hungry. He huffs and grunts and squirms! It's nice really, because I get to wake up in my own time. 

I'm looking to see 4am on the clock! Nope. It's 7am! HOORAAAAAH. He's slept through! And I've never been so happy. 

So I saw in the new year with my biggest hope - that I get back to my normal sleeping patterns asap! 

So we head back home, just the three musketeers and Michael heads off back to work. Back to normal routine. 
And if I'm completely honest, I was a bit lonely. When you go from having loads of family around you, and to nothing, alone with your bubba, it can be hard. So I kept myself busy and made as much effort as possible to get out and about. To see friends, and family of course. 

I spoke to a close friend, and she suggested I join her at baby group. I always wanted to go but the idea of being a new mum, and being around experts in the mothering field was intimidating. But after going and meeting so many lovely people, and having the support of my friend, makes it a great experience for Theo and I. 

I love spending time with my son. Each day is different and new! Truly magical. 

Make sure you continue to follow our journey. Who knows what the future will hold? 

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