Theo's First Cold


So I had the pleasure of experiencing Theo's very first cold this last week. And I must say, it was far from pleasurable! 

We'd been away as a family to stay overnight at his Zio and Zia's house, and the Thursday before he had his injections. I think a culmination of all these things, had lead up to his stonking cold. 

We got back Sunday afternoon and were all exhausted! Theo had been sleeping badly, and whilst we were away, he decided to wake up at 1am and have a party for a few hours. I'm lucky because he doesn't scream - but what can be more frustrating than looking at a baby that is excited to be awake! No fun at all. 

I settle down to watch TV and suddenly the monitor kicks in.. The noise that sounds out is like gargling, and I panic! I shout my husband - 'babe I think Theo is choking!' We run upstairs, and flick the hallway light on. He's slightly red in the face and he's snoring! His nose is so bunged up he can barely breath. 

He's never been ill before and it was a bit of a shock so I got my phone out and researched what you could use to help a 4 month old breath. Vapour Rub is a no no, but Olbas Oil is okay. (To be fair, we found something called baby rub that you can use, unbeknownst to me!) 
I sent my husband out to stock up. First suggestion would be to prepare and stock up. We are a 'don't tempt fate' family so buying stuff before is like asking it to happen! Silly I know, but I can't help it. 

I got him out, covered him in baby rub, propped his mattress up with pillows, and prepared a bowl of boiling water and Olbas Oil every few hours placed on a side table at the end of his cot to flush out his nose. I also bought a Saline nasal spray that helped too!

Obviously, we got through it and with little fuss from Theo but I think it's always daunting when they have their first illness. The good news is, he's a chunk and so fought it off pretty quick! I'm one lucky mumma...

Poorly cuddles with my bubba x

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