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So this blog comes to you at a time when I've actually found some, well, time! I've been busy busy busy, and I'll be honest. I've been enjoying life! Spending quality time with my family and friends, so blogging has kind of taken a back seat. My apologies if this has become long awaited, but I hope this one makes up for it, and I promise I'll be refocusing as of right now...

Theo's first mini-holiday. Off to Butlin's, Bognor, where we stayed in the gorgeous 'The Ocean Hotel'. Now, I may be biased as my mum actually project managed the entire build but it really is a great place to stay. Take a peak at the link if you fancy a nose...

We arrived Friday evening at around 7pm, my husband was working all day, and checked in. The staff there are lovely, welcoming and always willing to help. We had our breakfast and dinner included within the holiday; the restaurant at the hotel had finished serving, so they kindly gave us vouchers for the equivalent amount to use at one of their many other restaurants on site. We grabbed a take out from Papa John's and spent the first evening in our room. Bliss!

Theo tucked up in his travel cot on his first night!
And just in case, here is the bedroom we stayed in.

Gorgeous, if you ask me!
Theo stayed in the other room from us, and he slept like a dream. I'm lucky I guess, as he is so adaptable and relaxed which means we can pretty much do anything with him. This also meant that once we got home, we were able to move him into his own bedroom. Yes, I was super sad but in actual fact, we started to disturb him when we came to bed! It was time for all of us, for sure.

So morning came before we knew it, we prepared Theo's breakfast in our room before heading down for a munch ourselves. Before we travelled to Butlin's, I bought the things I needed to replicate being at home to look after Theo. I used sterilising tablets for his bottles, bowls and spoons as there was no microwave and there was a small fridge, kettle etc so that I could prepare his feeds ahead of time. It is always slightly harder when you don't have everything you normally have at home, but you've got to make the best of things! And we did...

We used Theo's bouncy chair as a place to feed!

Our balcony. The sea is out there, I promise!

On our first day, we decided to check out the surrounding town and beach before lunch. I'll be honest, there isn't much to see or do in walking distance outside of Butlin's but it's definitely worth a visit if you're looking for a little peace and quiet from the Skyline. There are a few shops, along with a local market selling souvenirs. 

But first, let me take a selfie...
We headed back to the Skyline, to relax for a while and feed Theo before heading for lunch at The Beachcomber Inn. We try to make sure we feed him somewhere fairly quiet, as he gets irritated and distracted sometimes if it's noisy. There was a small bistro bar in the Skyline called The Rosso Lounge, which had very few people in and so this was our choice of venue for bubba!

After lunch, we graced the pool for Theo's first experience of swimming. Now, what I will say is, the facilities are amazing! Huge slides, and apparatus. But there really is no where for babies to float and relax. If you have older children, it's a great way to have fun and waste a few hours. For us, it was too busy and loud. Theo didn't quite enjoy it as much as we had hoped, so we were out as soon as we were in! Despite that, he looked pretty darn cute in his swimming cosy..

What's going on ma?

I'm ready!

Let's go papa...

In the late afternoon, we decided it might be nice to head back to our room to rest up for dinner and make sure Theo had a decent nap. We knew we'd be taking him out slightly later in the evenings, so a later doze made sense. What's nice about being in the hotel, rather than the apartments, is that you really can take yourself away from it all. It's great to be in the thick of it, but when you have a little one as young as ours, he needs a break. And for that matter, us too!

My fave time, snuggled up!
We'd pre-booked dinner, showered up and popped down for a quick bite to eat! The restaurant is buffet style for breakfast and dinner, so it's great for when you do have wee ones, again, because you can dip in and dip out. We, however, made the most of it, because Theo is pretty good at going with the flow. He'll relax in his pram, play with his toys, have a snuggle with us and that will keep him happy until bed. 
They also have rides and amusement outside the hotel that go on until 9pm on a Saturday, and since I haven't been on a ride since pre-pregnancy, I felt it was only fair to have a go on at least one! Oh the joys...

The amusements... looking amused!
Think someone had a little too much fun!

Prosecco.. yum!

Happy Happy!
Back to our room we go, bathed and put Theo  to bed then watched a bit of TV. We were in bed by 10. Bliss!

Day 2, and we definitely took it slow. I won't bore you with the intricate details but it involved more eating, amusements, pool, and chill time as a family. All in all, a successful trip, before our journey home on Monday morning.

I don't want to go home!
Obviously, I'm going to recommend a trip to Butlin's, not because of family involvement, but purely because I loved it, Theo loved it, my husband loved it! There is so much to do, especially if you have older children, from amusements to rock climbing, and high ropes, to football, cinema and evening entertainment. These are just a few reasons... but I must say, I can't wait to head back. 

High five Butlin's.. You have at least one happy customer...

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