While the Cat's Away... Wedding Day!


This weekend I left my son for two nights for the first time.

It was my girlfriend's wedding, and I had the honour of being her bridesmaid. The weekend required my full, undivided attention, so my amazing mumma stepped in to take care of Theo for a few days. She offered to come and stay at our house for one of those nights, to save us packing up our lives and dragging them over in the car!

Friday rolled around so quickly. I had nothing ready and by 11am, I'd started to panic. Stop procrastinating Sophie, I told myself. So I start to go through each day, what I'd be wearing etc, and began to round up everything into one bag.

I'd done packing by 11:15am. I'd clearly forgotten how easy it is to just take yourself somewhere, all alone, no baby in tow! Quite the contrary when it comes to writing down a full list of jobs that involve Theo, so that my mum can step straight into role.. I'm proud to say us mumma's do A LOT!

5pm. Time to go. I kiss my mum, and my son.. and I'm holding it together. As soon as I get in the car and we pull out of our gates, I start weeping! Ha.. Two nights away really is nothing but for me, as I'm sure it is for most mums, my son is an absolute pleasure to be around. He's happy nearly all day and has a cracking personality, so to know I'm going to miss that for 2 days is a little hard! If he was a screamer, I'd have left that morning... and probably stayed for a week or more....! I guess there are always a couple of emotions/feelings that run through your mind. Guilt for leaving him, or for having fun without him, days that don't include him, and passing him on to someone else and knowing how tired they will be... that and so much more.

But this weekend was so worth it.

Friday evening, my husband joined me for the dinner before heading back to look after Theo so that my mum had one night of no sleep, rather than two. A gorgeous 3 course meal, and meeting the Groom's family for the first time. And what a family! You start to see how compatible the Bride and Groom are, when you meet their 'immediates'.

Indulgence, time spent with the Bride, Maid of Honour and their Mumma, lots of vino and I'm back in my hotel room, on my jack. I'd been looking forward to a night with no crying, snoring, thigh kicking or otherwise... but for some reason, I couldn't sleep. The Bride is a very dear friend of mine, one of the best, an absolute diamond and I'm so excited and overwhelmed that she's marrying the love of her life.... that I stay awake... for most of the night! And just to add to it all, the air con clicks. Not good for us 'light sleepers' out there!

Saturday 26th April. Wedding, we're ready for you! 

The venue set up is just gorgeous. Vintage theme, so there's floral crockery, bird cages and pompoms as far as the eye can see.
I head over to the bridal suite for breakfast... The Bride is calm, and collected.. fully ready for the day ahead!

Needless to say, after a few hours of makeup, coffee and kirby grips we are all set to walk down the aisle. She looked STUNNING! Tear jerking, knees knocking, envy inducing.. STUNNING! (Pictures to follow.... when she's released them, of course!) And her family are so proud. I truly felt blessed to be a part of it all!

Vows were exchanged, food and wine inhaled, dancing in heels and flip flops, and cheese fights galore.

What a day had by all. The love that oozed out of every person in the room was just infectious. Their families are inseparable, so bonded. I say this because now I've started my own little family, it makes you think about what you want to instil in your own children. Not only do my mum, dad and immediate family show me exactly how to be a loving and reliable mother to my son, but seeing it from an objective perspective makes it all the more real. You take advantage of all the things your family do for you, until you are reminded through another.

What I've learned.
Love isn't something you say... it's something you do! Show it and share it, is my motto and I will promise to do that until the day I die.

I'm now home with my baby boy, which is where I belong. And from my mum's face, I could tell they had the best weekend together. It brought them even closer, not that they needed it! While the cat was away, they certainly played!

Separation anxiety? It's a myth in my household...

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