My Life as a Mum So Far...


In just under a week, my baby boy turns 6 months old and it's made me reflect on the whirlwind that has been our lives the last 18 months.

A surprise pregnancy, a gorgeous wedding, a new house, a quick labour, a new life. 

I'm guessing that others out there who don't have children feel that we lose our freedom when we decide to become parents, that we can no longer be sociable and do what we wish, the fun stops and the responsibility begins. If being a mother has taught me anything, it's that this is far from the truth.

So what has changed for me?

I get up a little earlier, and more regularly. I don't always get a full nights sleep, but that's not to say never! I can't just jump in the car and go somewhere, it means I have to plan and organise a little more. I have to feed and dress someone else other than myself but I have a constant companion, a best friend wherever I go.

Theo is flexible. He loves socialising with people, quite happy snuggling up to the family and friends he knows so well. He will eat in his pram, his highchair or his travel seat. He will sleep pretty much anywhere his Muslin blanket is, and the nearest dummy! He knows that I will always make sure he is fed and watered, clean and dry, happy and comfortable... My promise is to do it consistently, which makes him so independent... no clingy baby for me! 

In other words, my husband and I can choose what our lives will be like too... But with a happy, well behaved little boy, it's much easier! 

I am 'Mum' of course, but this hasn't come without doubt. You are responsible for another human being, and it is scary when you realise that your actions play a role in what sort of person he will become. I do think about 'what if'. 
With him being so small, it's not at the forefront of my mind at the moment, but what kind of fork in the road would make a difference to who he is?

If I don't allow him to have free reign of the house, am I suppressing his imagination?
If I let him take control, will he walk all over us?
If he stays out late, will he get in trouble?

The thoughts waiver between the extreme and the utterly insane.. but I don't doubt that every parent goes through the same thing!

I have changed in myself, in a way I couldn't see possible. No huge adjustments, but my perspective on life now is very different to what it was at the beginning of this journey! Of course I want to be the best person I can be for him, but I want to make him feel as confident in life as possible. Just like my parents did for me! I don't want him to have any unnecessary fears, to know that he always has a home to come back to and a bed to sleep in.
He has made me a million times more positive, and I truly feel that each minute is a blessing! I know how short life is, and to remember to take each day and make the most of it. To enjoy those little moments, that may seem insignificant but could be the ones you remember the most vividly. I'm happy because of him.
He makes me act crazier than ever which, everyone that knows me will tell you, is a hard push! I've never acted sillier... and he's brought two families closer together. Relationships that could or may have been slack, are bonded and unbreakable. A baby can have a profound affect on everyone around.... and he has most definitely done that...!

I still see my friends, attend parties, drink more wine than I should, cuddle up to my parents, go on holiday, stay out late, smile!! If anything, becoming a mumma has made me a bigger kid than I was before... just with a minute by minute agenda haha!

Now, I'm not saying being a parent is the right choice for everyone... or that you aren't who you are meant to be without kids! I'm just saying how much I love it.

Let's cut to the chase. For me, being a mum is the best!

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