It's a Miracle: The Long Awaited Blog Post


So it's been around 3 years since my last post.

No, seriously, it's been a month; and in the blogging world it may as well be 3 years. The last month or so has been super busy for me, a little difficult and my mind has been elsewhere. I genuinely feel that I would rather write something meaningful, than something empty to please the masses. That's not to assume I have masses reading!

So let's have an update shall we?

Theo is 6 months old. Nearly 7. And he is a huge character, with a personality to match!
He weighs 23 lbs (I know!!) and is currently wearing size 12-18 months trousers. Poor sausage!
He sleeps 12 hours at night, and barely an hour in the day. He is fully weaned, still having 4 bottles of 4 ozs alongside his food. No night feed, high five!

He screeches from the top of his lungs, he giggles constantly and is truly a joy to be around. He cries when it matters, when there is something genuinely wrong.. which makes him mildly easier to read!

He rolls over from back to front, rarely from front to back.. and from this, you can see that he is not conventional. He is no where near crawling, but can bare weight on his legs when supported.

Theo is obsessed with cuddly toys. Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse. Chews the face off Sophie the Giraffe.
He says Baba, Dada, and Gaga. No sign of Mama.

He has no teeth in sight, but has been teething regularly. His hair is lighter than I thought considering my husband and I are so dark, and it looks to me like it grows over night.

He still loves bath time, splashing around and eating his rubber duck!

I am overjoyed to have the easiest and most delightful baby in the world. I know all mums would say this about their own, and we all mean it that's for sure!

I'm excited to back, and ready to write again. Waahhooooooo!

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