Labour Fear


I was recently discussing my labour with friends; those with, and without babies. 

To say that before I gave birth, I was petrified is an understatement. It was the last thing I ever wanted to go through, and when I finally went into labour, it was as if I never thought it would start. 

When I look back, it really wasn't anywhere near as bad as I had envisioned it to be (I promise!) and so this made me think about all the advice/information I could give someone who hasn't had the joy of experiencing child birth. 

My Fairly Relevant Thoughts:

1) Screw the birth plan. Birth's rarely go to plan!

2) You think that the most painful thing will be the head coming out. "Something that big should not be coming out of something that small!" But it's not! It's the contractions. 

3) Drugs are not the devil! In some cases, they really are your best friends. (ALL CASES!)

4) You do forget how painful the contractions are, so the question "when are you having another" will make you less likely to slap the person asking as time goes on!

5) If you don't poo yourself, you must not be pushing right... :O

6) Shaving is totally irrelevant! But if it floats your boat, then go for it. In all honesty, no one cares and neither will you. 

7) Packing makeup in your hospital bag has to be the biggest laugh of all time.. I didn't put any on for a month, nevermind right after giving birth. 

8) Everyone is likely to irritate you, but that's okay because everyone is truly annoying!

9) Sometimes, you know what's best! Follow your instinct. The midwife told me to wait an hour before pushing so I was prepared and refreshed, but my body told me I was ready and he came within 20 minutes!

10) It will be the best moment of your entire life, FILM IT! This has to be my biggest regret. I have pictures but I would love to be able to watch it all over again. 

11) Pick a birth partner wisely!! I had my mum and my husband, and they are exactly what I needed for so many reasons. 

12) Don't be afraid. Really! Your body is made for this...

If I said I was ready to pop ten more out right now, I'd be lying but I am excited to have another baby. My experience has armed me with lots to think about for labour, but empowered me because I did it all by myself. 

High five women. We moan about all the negatives that come with having ovaries; men can't feel their baby move, or even sustain life within their own body! We are so lucky, and truly blessed. 

God gives his hardest battles, to his strongest soldiers! 

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