"Oh my Gosh.. I could boil an egg on him!"


It's our anniversary weekend.

My husband and I are super excited to head off to Lulworth Cove for a day in the sun, then off out for dinner to the place we had our wedding reception in the evening while my parents babysit Theo.

We exchange cards, and gifts in the morning.. And we notice Theo starting to grizzle! He won't sit still on his own or play. He wants to be held constantly!

He is super hot to the touch, so much so I can feel the heat through his clothes, and I'm on the phone to NHS direct before you know it!

Nothing compares to the first time your baby is ill.

After a few trips to the out of hours GP, we finally get pain management down to a tee for scooting this temperature out the door. I think the biggest challenge for me when he is poorly, is the night time. Theo goes to bed as normal, sleeps for a few hours, and by 4am he's hysterical! He's comforted when being held, and the second I start his descent into his cot, he screeches at the top of his lungs! 

I'll be honest, I've been Co-sleeping with Theo just to get a bit of peace. The hardest part is that I think he's started to get into a habit! And this is not a good one, for that matter. When he's awake all of a sudden, he doesn't know how to calm himself down without my help. I'm going to have to try and wean him off the longer cuddles, much to my despair.

I don't know how other mums feel, how many times have you heard,  "do not Co-sleep". But I love it! It's like this major guilty pleasure that I keep all to myself. I know as soon as he's a bit older, and I want a bit of space, it's going to be impossible to get him sleeping by himself.

So as of this evening, I'm taking a stand.

No more snuggles...  Gah!

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