Putlake Farm


I love a good day out. Somewhere new, somewhere fun, somewhere beautiful. As a family, we decided to head out to Putlake Farm, just passed Corfe Castle. Seems to be a reoccurring theme however it's a complete coincidence!

As it's heading towards Autumn, the weather was a little breezy although super sunny. We wrapped up, packed a lunch for Theo, a few extra jumpers to combat the cold and set off.

From Poole town centre, it took us around 35 minutes to get there but what's great are the views on the way. It's through the country side with gorgeous fields and mountains, with valleys so deep that you can see the sea! Loved it.

So what did we do when we got there?

We rode the toy tractors.

We checked out the goats, horses, pigs and cows.

We practised our walking skills.

And we played in the soft play area.

It's a very cute place to visit, all be it a little small. I would say that for Theo's age it's not the best place to take him as he's not yet walking, but for older children there is an indoor and outdoor play area, along with a petting area and a place to feed the goats. We did participate in giving the diddy goats their milk but it was more my husband and I than Theo!

What is disappointing is the cost. Children under 2 are free, but adults are £6.25 each. It's much more than I've paid locally to visit other farms and it's much smaller than any I've been to! To add to it, if you wish to go on the tractor ride you have to pay extra per person. It's definitely enough to put me off going again despite us having a nice day together.

I am going to miss these warm summer days. Any suggestions on baby days for the winter?

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