The Nearly 11 Month Update


So how has month ten been for us? Pretty hard, with lots of jolly, wonderful moments. In an aid to keep things positive, let's start with the best bits.

Theo is developing like I could never have imagined. He's crawling everywhere, our entire house as well as up the stairs. He's clearly desperate to walk but hasn't gained complete confidence to let go! He has taken his first steps but that is all we've got out of him so far, no other signs that he's going to be running around any time soon. He coasts anything that's height level! Sofas, side tables, radiators (off, obviously!), walls, door frames. It's really quite amazing considering the moment he let's go he thumps to the ground! He'll happily walk for an age if you're holding both hands..

Theo talks so much he often surprises me. Not only does he say all the usual noises, mumma, dadda, nanna, gaga, baba, he constantly babbles away. He mimics sounds. He says cat, duck, dog, dankoooo (thank you), ga when he wants something, blows raspberries to make you giggle, just to name a few. He's a very communicative baby and I'm so very proud of that! He gives kisses and cuddles by the dozen and claps whenever he's done something good. Or high fives, which is my husband's new fave!

He's a completely weaned baby. No bottles, and no milk. This, however, was not my choice before any judging mothers jump out the woodwork. Theo eats three full meals a day, calcium, protein, carbohydrates, fruit and vegetables. He drinks water and snacks throughout. We weaned him at 4 months because of his appetite as advised by our health visitor and instead of the usual yearning for milk and bottles, which seems to be the reason most babies have milk once they're weaned, he takes no comfort from a bottle. Theo told me he was ready to stop. He would turn away from the bottle at night, and would sip barely an ounce in the morning! 

Theo is in many different age range clothes depending on the store. He is in 12-18 months in some, others 18-24 months. He's always been a bigger baby, but that could be his stocky, rugby playing father's fault!

He sleeps well just like his daddy. He goes down at 7:30 and wakes up at 7:30. We may get the odd tear in the night at a misplaced dummy, but other than that no issues. He is still napping twice a day, once in the morning once in the afternoon and they can range from an hour and a half to two. I'm one lucky mumma and writing all this just reminds me!

Teeth... He currently has 2 bottom teeth, with 4 on the move up top. I'd like to thank those 4 for being the entire reason behind my son going from a carefree, easy going boy to an, at times, unrecognisable, clingy, whingey baby. At one point it went on for so long that I was genuinely concerned that this was his personality rather than a minor blip! And that's what teeth can do to you. They turn you into a worried, blithering mess. Thankfully, he seems to be on the uphill now and those 4 little swines are starting to break the skin. Don't get me wrong, I know it's not all over but as we mothers know, we take each day as it comes!

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