Blogger's Block


Let me out blogging thoughts!

When I first started blogging, it was all I could think about. Every moment was a potential post.

Building up readers was exciting and hearing people's views on my posts was, in my eyes, pivotal to my success. 

As time went on, the belief I had in my blog started to waiver and my posts became fewer and fewer. I had an excuse and a justification for every one. I didn't have the time, or I had plans, family were more important or work got in the way. In actual fact I stopped blogging because my confidence had been knocked and I'd been hit with 'Blogger's block'.

The internet can be a place of companionship and socialising. But it can also make you feel isolated and alone. That's not to say that I'd quite hit isolation but I pulled out before I'd got there. 
The cliques of other mum's constantly chatting and socialising was off putting. Why am I on the sidelines here despite my consistant tweets or Facebook posts? 

I thought about my every day life, the morals I have and how I conduct myself. Do I need others to justify my decisions or my actions? And the answer to that is no. So I'm back with a vengeance and ready to bore you lot to death. 
My posts will always be as honest and as relevant as possible, that is a promise!

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