A (Kind of Selfish) Gift to You, My Son


I'm sure it is the same for all mothers but the day Theo was born was the greatest day of my life.
All the emotions that run through you, the thoughts, the opinions that change because of the newly formed bond you have with your brand new bubba.

And each moment for me is truly cherished, my husband, family and friends included.
But I kept thinking, what can I do to encapsulate the memories so Theo can relive them (and selfishly, so I can too)?

Firstly, I set up an email in his name. I send regular updates, pictures and videos of him. Not just on birthdays or special occasions, but as he's learning to use his spoon properly or the way he shouts out for bath time at the bottom of the stairs. 

The 'every day' that I never want to forget!

Secondly, I started vlogging. 
Vlogging every part of our day. 
I'd love to take full credit that this was my idea that I formulated all by myself but I thank those out there that started long before me.
Without you, I truly wouldn't know or understand the benefits. 

I look back to 7/8 weeks ago when I took out my camera and held it up for all to see and I didn't realise the kind of impact it would have on my life, nevermind Theo. 
I feel like it achieves it's purpose of 'remembering the memories' but I also feel like I've finally found a hobby that I am thoroughly devoted to. And some might say, good at! 
Not to toot my own horn of course.

And it begs the question, why put it online?
(My mum continually asks me and I totally understand why!)

I feel like every time I pick up my G7X that I'm talking to an old friend! Like a whole community of supporters jumps into my living room. When I was at school, I definitely felt a little lost. Not that I had the worst of times but I couldn't work out who I was or what I wanted. They say that each decision is like a puzzle piece and I feel like I've finally found the last one! I'm a mum, wife, daughter, granddaughter, sister, cousin and they are all part of that jigsaw. 
But filming my family gives me such great pleasure and I am so so happy I've started!

So I suppose this is every much a 'Timehop' for me as it is for him. He'll always know how much I love and care for him by my actions and my words. But how can there be anything more magical than knowing how someone felt in 'the moment'?
And along with that, I finally feel like I've landed on solid ground... instead of roaming around!

What are your thoughts about blogging & vlogging? Why do you do it?

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