As the whole world probably knows the last week has been near on hell for our family.

Theo went down with a temperature, I caught tonsillitis a few days later.. then my husband sadly fell ill and ended up in hospital for a couple of days! They say life throws things in threes but I dropped my phone down the loo and my car battery was flat the morning I was trying to rush Michael to A&E! I'd say I've had more than my fair share for at least a couple of years.

But the purpose of the post isn't to reflect on the morbid nature of circumstance. It's to reflect on all the support we received as a family in our 'time of need'.

To say I'm a 'parent's girl' is a fricken understatement (what? I can't choose between mother and father) and with my dearest away on holiday, I always pray that we have easy sailing. When I realised how ill we all were, and the for-mentioned issues that arose I really didn't know what we were going to do.

But I needn't have worried.

Let's cut to the chase. My grandparents rushed to drop me their car so that I could get to the hospital and the following day, my 80 year old Grandad (I know age shouldn't be relevant but it is) gave me website details for a new battery, drove to the warehouse to collect it for me and fitted it too. 

My aunty almost dropped all her half packed suitcases to come and take us despite having a flight to Dubai to catch later that day!

My best friend called repeatedly as well as leaving a heap of treats on my doorstep for when I arrived home, alone. Oh, and she lent me £3 for the car park, I haven't forgotten Rox!

My in laws drove a good forty minutes, sat with us in the hospital while we waited hours for a bed then took Theo to the park to give him a good old run around. He was driving the doctors crazy with his weird dancing, but who can blame him? It's hardly 'a night to remember'. 

Friends visited in the hospital, called, Facebooked, Whatsapped, texted, emailed and bloody hell, did it make us feel loved!? Why yes it did.

It made me realise how lucky we are to have such thoughtful, compassionate people in our lives and how, in our darkest hour, someone will be there to shed a little light and be a crutch for us to lean on. With social media, busy lives and hectic work schedules the world can make you feel a little isolated but really we are never truly alone.

Obviously my first call is, and always will be, to my parents but at least I know they can bugger off on another fantastic cruise somewhere beautiful while we're sat in our wee little home, counting the hours until they get back. Only joking Mum and Dad, we can (sort of) make it on our 'own'.

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