Shopping has never been a major hobby of mine. The thought of being bundled into an over heated department store in search of a specific item is enough to make me hurl, but since having Theo, dressing my little boy top to toe has been so much fun. Despite being into my makeup, I've never been a 'fashionista', whatever is clean and (relatively) crease free floats my boat and if you know me you'll know that if I find a top I like, I'll buy it every colour. Simple! 

Back in November, I received an email from Baby Moo's asking if I would like to attend their shop opening. Once I found out it was an array of clothes for babies, toddlers and kids, I jumped at the chance! 

Their byline is 'Kids Clothes with Personality' and boy, ain't that the truth? From baby bibs, to blankets, to hoodies or pajamas there's something unique and special out there for everyone!

They're eclectic, versatile for all weather and the designs are wicked. 

They have a great range so well worth you checking it out if you live locally, and fear not, they also have an online store where you can purchase to your hearts content. 

Not only are their clothes great as every day wear, they also provide novelty onesies and items perfect to give as presents to friends and family for their little bundles of joy. I honestly couldn't decide what items to buy Theo but I ended up with the above black leggings with lightening bolts and a matching red jumper very similar to the baby vest below.

What I also love about it is their equal focus on boys. All too often I go into a shop and I'll find a huge choice of clothes for girls and maybe less than a quarter for boys. I fully appreciate there are lots of different styles that little girls can where but I'd like to have more options too and Baby Moo's really gives me that! 

Nothing feels better than buying produce from a local supplier, the money is going to a hard working, lovely lady supporting her family and that to me is what business is all about. Not only that but the items are reasonably priced and affordable for the every day family but no cuts on quality.

It's so important to give back so to know that my small purchase may be feeding back into our local economy makes me feel pretty epic! And my New Years Resolution is to do just that: buy local, give back, recycle more, waste less. 

Check out their online store at
and if you fancy a gander at their gorgeous shop,
134 Seabourne Road

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