It's been such a busy weekend for the Mumology household. I often crave a full few days to just relax but I also love it when we have so many plans it could fill a week.

Saturday morning we jumped into the car and head to Southampton for little Jasper and Rhy's 2nd and 3rd birthday party. The gorgeous Jess from Lilypod and Sweetpea has become such a good friend of mine and she invited us to join in with her family celebrations. I bloody love a birthday party, any excuse to eat way too much pastry and cheese on a stick.
The traffic out of Bournemouth was horrendous so despite being 40 minutes late, we were still allowed in. The theme was safari with each animal sporting their very own homemade party hat and a hired out softplay set. Theo was in seventh heaven!
We also had the absolute pleasure of meeting Sarah from This Mama Life, her husband Robert and gorgeous baby girl, Isla. To say that our husbands have found a soulmate in each other is the understatement of the century. If I have to hear one more conversation about bench pressing and biscuits I will shed a tear.

Jess' hubs Pete kindly put together an impromptu BBQ for us all which we were all thrilled about and we ended up spending the best part of the whole day there. I can honestly say that starting my blog and YouTube channel has been one of the best decisions of my life. Meeting like-minded people over the internet is often a bizarre concept to most but it really has been nothing but happiness and great friends for my family and I.

That evening I had all of my best friends round for a sleepover, the less said about that the better but if you haven't yet played Cards Against Humanity then you are really missing out! 

Sunday was a day for new beginnings. Two of our friends have just had their first baby, beautiful Harper who has hair for days. We were able to suppress some of the broodiness (yes Michael, I'm talking about you..) and have the best baby cuddles ever. Theo is so in love with her but I shall be putting him off sibling duty for a while yet!

Alongside lots of coffee and carbs in an attempt to eradicate my hangover, this weekend has been a blast..

What did you guys get up to?

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