I read an amazing blog post today, 'Why women need a tribe', and it really got me thinking..

For me, school was a pretty crap time. My first week involved snide comments walking through the corridor and a minor altercation with a girl that shouted obscenities, to which I replied: "Shut up... *mumbles quietly*.. fat head". Fat head? Really? It's by far the worst comeback in the history of comebacks and I spent the rest of my school years coming up with hilarious quips that could have knocked her off her high horse. Hindsight is a wonderful thing hey? 

I'd move to Poole from Somerset half way through primary school, I didn't create those pre-school bonds that most of the girls had and so always worked over time to try and fit in. I should have kicked myself up the backside and embraced who I really was but there is no worse feeling than being the odd one out. It's a fact: girls just didn't like me.

Through secondary school, I was the one who 'hung out with the lads' (I went to an all girls school so you can imagine how helpful that was), that had boyfriends and that knew school boys only wanted one thing. I genuinely believe they respected me for my disinterest and in turn that meant I wasn't the most popular amongst the ladies. I still don't really know why I wasn't favourable and these assumptions are merely, assumptions but that's how it felt. My parents were also quite strict, so house parties were a 'no-go' along with late nights and dates; invites never arrived through the post and my Nokia 3310 needed no signal. Don't feel sorry for me because I had/have some amazing friends, friends that are stalwarts in my every day life now.

Moving past the 'woe is me' reminiscing, the point of this post I suppose is to isolate the importance of close friends and remind ourselves that climbing on top of each others shoulders will get us no where in life but to interlink our fingers and give each other the boost that we all need. We all have our own idiosyncrasies, our flaws and our insecurities and that is okay. We shouldn't be using these to benefit ourselves or against one another, but to shine a light on each other's true qualities in the hope that every person out their feels confident in being their raw, honest and open self. 

I am sincerely blessed to have the women in my life that I have; my mother, the girls in my family, my best friends, my Channel Mum ladies, all the amazing women that I've met over the internet on this magical yet odd internet friendship journey, my colleagues at work. Each play such a huge part in shaping who I am and I've never felt happier in the skin I'm in. Every person that is close to me has asked me to be nothing other than who I really am and for that, I am so thankful. 

So just remind yourself that you are awesome, surround yourself with those that really bring out the best in you and sack off the oxygen thieves. Our time here is short, life is not a ladder to climb but a path to follow; we all end up in the same place no matter what we own.

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