Controversial as this may seem, I'm not actually that bothered about animal welfare. Of course if I had my way I would love them all to share a giant Playboy Mansion in the middle of the Cotswolds with fields that go on for days and shiny knives kept far far away.. But the thought of eating flesh is what truly grims me out....! Yes, that is the technical term.

When I watched my first animal 'slaughter' video it's what initially gave me the kick up the backside to stop frying skin, but in all honesty, I was never that fond of meat to begin with. After much research, the yucky hormones that are found in dairy and that some sugar is sieved through charred bone, I decided that vegan might be the way forward. My god is it blummin' hard as everything seems to have a hint of chicken period or a splosh of cow juice but I am determined to cut as much animal products out of my life as possible. And since giving up cheese, I've not really missed it... that much... I swear!

Channel Mum and Iceland kindly sent me £50 worth of vouchers to spend in store, although I have fond feelings towards the Frozen Palace, I was skeptical about how many products I could actually buy that were vegan friendly.

Want to know exactly what happened...?
Then check out the new video up on my channel..

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