It's really difficult to find an appropriate app for your children that has a healthy balance between fun for the sake of it and education. But if you're looking for guilt-free then you've come to the right place! Kidloland provides educational yet attention grabbing games, learning activities, nursery rhymes; you name it, the app has got it! 

We were kindly given a free membership to use the app for a year and after a month we are very much in love. Theo really enjoys playing on my phone and he is now beginning to learn his phonics. We have to accept that our children are growing up a technology based generation, we may as well embrace it and guide their learning before they lock themselves in their bedrooms and do what they please. My only gripe is that it has an American voice over.. obviously being British it would be nice to have the option!

If you'd like to try the app for yourself here are the relevant links:

I'd love to know your thoughts and your faves once you've given it a go!

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