Oh lord do I love a date night. Time on your own with your better half, no children, fluid conversation without someone shouting 'Mummy LOOK, Lightning McQueen is missing' 13,000 times over, no one to take to the toilet (unless Hubs has had one too many, which isn't very often) and no other mouth to feed than my own. Having my parents as full time childcare is ace, there's no denying it, but I do feel super guilty asking them to have Theo again when they could have potentially had him twice that week already.

So we're going to try and make a gap in both our schedules during the week to have date night, at home. I know what you're thinking; that sounds horrific.. Turning off the TV, flipping our phones over to ignore possible interruptions and just hanging out. Sounds like heaven and will be our date night declaration.

One of our ultimate favourite things to do involves lots of cheese and copious amounts of wine, so when I was contacted by Wyke Farm to review their cheese and butter I jumped at the chance. I only like to accept products if they fit in with our lifestyle, and although we remain vegan where possible I've never managed to give up on my cheese addiction. 

Shove their vintage and extra mature cheddar on a wooden board with knives, their salted butter, crackers and a few other favourites that can't go a miss with cheese and you are good to go. Mike and I often sack off our dinner, all in the hope that we can get through at least half a block of the yellowy good stuff and a ton of crackers.

We are constantly looking for more 'at home' date nights so if you have any recommendations tag me on my social media or comment below.

How do you guys plan time in? Do you have any favourite recipes that you like to cook for one another? Or even a fave bottle of Sauvignon? Yum.

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