Last night, Michael and I decided it would be nice for us as a couple to trial a 'Blackout Night'. If you haven't heard of it, it's where you shut yourselves off from the outside, webby world, no internet and no TV. 

We cooked together, ate dinner at the table together, played cards by candlelight with the sound of Jazz music as an accompaniment. I didn't realise how heavenly it would be and good for the soul (and our relationship) until we were already amongst the sounds and the smells.

This brings me to my life long argument around the internet and 'social' media. I can't bear it when people are together in a room, I look up and there is no eye contact, gazes are averted and faces glowing a shade of blue. I spend each day trying to make memories, trying to spend moments with my family and friends that make my heart ache with pride. I don't feel like I can do that sometimes when I'm figuring out an appropriately angled Instagram picture. It's distracting and, more often than not, unnecessary.

If you follow me on any of my social media platforms you will know that I regularly take days away from using or posting on them, where I log out of each application so I don't get notifications, so I'm not tempted to cave. I didn't realise how much of an addiction it had become until I habitually turn my phone over, suddenly realising that I am purposely M.I.A. 

I always sound so self-righteous when I talk about ideals that I am particularly passionate about. Don't get me wrong, I'm as involved in the web as the next bugger, I blog, I vlog, I update and email, whatsapp, snapchat, I Instagram story. I use all of these for my enjoyment but I don't want my phone and the internet to define me as a person.

So very often we sit next to an actual human being, ignoring them, talking to other human beings on our phones, while they ignore human beings sat next to them. 

We all need quality time where you just, be. 

Where you laugh and talk and eat. Get out old school games, read or meditate. It's so liberating and refreshing to take that time for yourself! You don't even need to do it with someone; it's equally beneficial if you're on your own.

Come on, be honest, how many times have you taken your phone into the bathroom while  you bathe or go to the loo? It's terrible that we can't even sit by ourselves anymore without having something to keep us entertained. It's not good for our self esteem or for our bodies.

Aspiring to the almost unachievable amidst the 'highlight reels'.. Ambition or depression? I guess it depends on the personality. But having the 'happy' moments rammed down our throats permanently is not realistic either.

So I guess I've listed a million and one reasons why I think everyone should have a break from the internet. I'd love to know if you've tried blackout and what you thought? You better hang out long enough to read this first hey?

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