Theo will be 3 in November. He amazes me daily with his speech, his ability to understand emotions and how well he expresses himself but the damn kid will not wee on the loo. In fact, he will do all he can to avoid it. He doesn't care about wet pants or walking round with a nugget swinging between his legs so leaving him in them has little to no effect.

'Come on, you're a big boy now.. let's go to the toilet just like Daddy.'
'I don't want to be a big boy.'


I've tried rewarding with chocolate, a cheapy tub of plastic delights from the pound shop, stickers that sparkle and every other trick in the book. I've been nice, frowned my face off, explained until I've expelled every last bit of energy I have left. The kid just ain't fussed.

This is just how I feel too bub.
I never like to pressure him, I don't want to make potty training a thing so that he holds every bit of food in and refuses to go. I'm concerned that he is ready but just doesn't fancy taking himself away from all the fun activities he's getting involved in. I'm a little half-arsed when it comes to rewards too. I've been reading an amazing book by Pamela Druckerman: 'French Parents Don't Give In: 100 Parenting Tips from Paris' which often talks about scrapping reward schemes for benign expectations. What I mean by that is rewarding kids for eating things they should be eating already, or for staying in their bed all night, not hitting other children or biting chunks out of each other. We're creating these monsters that now expect a narcissistic pat on the back for things that we as adults do subconsciously! I am in no way judging others for their choice of parenting but I guess, I'm still trying to establish what kind of parent I want to be, on the job. It's like building a house a hundred times over with little architectural experience: "what does it matter if we're a couple of millimetres out.." she said as the outer walls come falling down.

Our biggest learnings tend to come from the mistakes we make but I don't want to have another kid in order to get it right next time

So anyway, my theory is potty training sucks and I've decided I give up! Help me if you've already done it and nailed it first time. I don't want to have to buy that shitty singing potty with a poorly written tune that plays loudly whenever a turd lands in it's base. That would really hurt my soul!

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