I love trash TV. I'm not ashamed to say it. Real Housewives, Kardashians, Ex on the Beach, Towie, MIC. You name it, I've probably watched it. But one thing that I am a little embarrassed about, and a tad scared for, is the state of young women these days (and men for that matter)! After watching the most recent episode of Ex on the Beach, filled with hair pulling, punching and serious name calling, I am nervous for my son and future children to grow up a part of this generation. I watched women purposely fight against each other for their own objectification, use language that belongs in the gutter and treat sex as though it is free for all. Maybe my views are a little dated, I feel everyone has a right to make decisions about their relationships and sex life but to peacock around on television as if it means nothing really grinds my gears. The men talk about women like they are nothing short of prostitutes, that it's hilarious to pit them against each other and to sleep with as many as possible. It's as if we are 'throw away' beings and that makes me so uncomfortable. What happened to respecting one another? Going on dates, working on relationships before sharing a bed?
Not only that but imagine the messages we are sending to teenagers about how they should treat their bodies and how they should treat one another. My god are we setting ourselves up for a fall!

Marriage is so important to me, I want one relationship for life!
It's hard enough for the average person already as we fight against corporations that try to convince us that there are bigger and better things out there. Our homes are sub-par, we're too fat, skinny, tall, short, that material items are more important than relationships and to treat our bodies like they belong to others. I appreciate this sounds a little old school and/or miserable but it's something I feel really strongly about. 
I often think about the parents behind the people on these programmes. Do they honestly feel comfortable with their child shouting 'minge twinge' in front of millions of people? Or being proud of 'shagging all the ladies'? If that were my son I'd be having some serious words and he'd probably end up with a slap. No matter the fee, I wouldn't dream of sharing intimate details about my marriage with people I didn't know; discussing your problems with friends or family is completely different to sharing sexual preferences on MTV.

Trying to keep our children children for as long as possible is difficult enough. Don't get me wrong the arguing makes for good telly but I'm not easily influenced. It wouldn't convince me to leave my husband and son and go on a sex filled rampage. But if that were me as a teenager it may have been a different story! TV would dictate what I wanted for christmas or the clothes I'd like for my birthday, even now YouTube helps me to decide what sort of makeup I want to wear on my 'summer night out'. We are a product of our surroundings and with more and more of these programmes coming up what hope do we have left for our children to be free spirits on a quest for a career that makes them happy? To form good and honest relationships with others, based on loyalty and love?

I'm not ignorant or close-minded. I don't resent those that choose a different path to my own! Lets take it back a few decades, read books, get outdoors, hold hands, hug hard, keep secrets. I miss the simplicity of real, honest life and will persevere in teaching Theo what is really important.

How do you guys feel? Am I alone in my views and MAJORLY old school? 

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