My blog has well and truly been neglected the last month or so. I'm not ashamed to say for all the right reasons, all be it negatives one.

Having your second job and favourite hobby as a 24 hour time-hog, it really does suffer when life throws a sh*t ton of obstacles your way. Obviously I choose to share such large parts of my life with you lovely lot but sometimes things are better left unsaid. We've talked this topic to death, between friends, family, my Channel Mum possè, and just because I do share doesn't mean I owe everyone every part of me. My privacy is really important to me and if there was anything I felt needing sharing that could help somebody then I most definitely would. All the rest is thoroughly close to my chest! 


I didn't want to leave my teeny, tiny corner of the web empty completely and I do promise to get back on it. I have lots of exciting things coming up and lots of things I want to share with you. With all my travelling recently, I know that I have some great information on where to go and what to do so I've figured that's probably the best place to start. 

Thank you all for being so bloody patient and understanding. It really means a whole lot. 

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