That age old theory that money buys happiness is slowing starting to fade with the new revolution that is minimalism. Before anyone jumps from the woodwork, I like my stuff. In no way will you walk in my house and see one plate, one cup, one jumper, one coat but the act of de-cluttering has changed my life.

My girlfriend's and I have talked about this a lot and it really is such a basic and obvious change but when you are in full throws of Toddlerville, it's hard to see the wood through the trees. You assume that more stuff will create better learning experiences for your children. More things to entertain them, more things to keep them happy. I've learned since streamlining Theo's toys how different that can be.
The less he has to play with, the more he plays with the things he does have. I found when trying to organise my masses of makeup that I have so much of it that half of it is barely used so it works for us grown ups too!

Not only has it allowed my son to grow but it's meant that he has a much happier mumma hanging around the house. There is space to put things away and the things that I am putting away are well loved and well used. There is nothing more soul destroying than moving toys from one box to another, from the floor to the table and then back to the box, especially if they aren't particularly cherished items.

I have so much less to tidy away and who wouldn't love that?

It really has taken so much worry and stress off my shoulders and I've only just skimmed the surface. Imagine how good it's going to feel when the house is fully organised. I believe that striving for positive mental health is so important and this is one of the many steps I put in place to keep myself as sane and happy as I could possibly be. Happy Mum, Happy Baby right?

If you're visual like me and fancy a sneaky peak at de-cluttering my bedroom then here is a video for you. Make sure you check back to see how we're getting on and I'll make sure to do regular updates on my YouTube channel so if you're not subscribed, head on over and click that little red button.

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