Makeup has always been something very special to me for so many different reasons. While I was at school, I had terrible acne, it used to really affect my confidence but what it did teach me is what looked best on my skin. I made some serious mistakes, too much powder, the wrong colour foundation, blusher too bright or offensive eye shadow glitter but that's the fun of experimenting! I would urge anyone to try a little bit of makeup, it's a great, reversible way of expressing yourself.

I now use makeup just because. Not to cover up any misgivings, to boost confidence or to hide behind but because I absolutely adore the stuff. High street or boutique. It makes no difference to me; I am no makeup snob that's for sure.

What I hope to do is show how you can minimalise the products you use but get lots out of them. For example, using a versatile bronzer palette as eyeshadow too.

Let me know if that's something you would be interested in and I'll work out some looks.

Here is my up to date version of my everyday makeup routine using 12 products.

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