Putting yourself on the internet always seems like a wise and confident thing to do but it doesn't come without it's concerns. I try to be as honest as I can about my experiences as a mum and this is not a simple topic to talk about. It's hard to share some of the lowest times in your life and despite being completely out of the woods, I do still worry how it's going to be perceived.

I have always known how difficult being a parent can be, that labour doesn't always go the way you had planned and that things aren't always clear but I never anticipated being overwhelmed with love. The love I had for my son and the worries that surrounded him totally suffocated me as a person, to the point where I could barely function. I was fearful that he would die and at the same time utterly exhausted by the idea of having someone fully rely on me.

Below is a video where I talk about it in detail along with my assisted delivery birth story.

Thanks for checking it out! I appreciate you sticking around and always being so kind.

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