I am not a girlie girl. I grew up in a small village with three parallel streets and a corner shop. My front lawn was awash with horse's hoof holes and the journey down to the hen coop was one I often liked to avoid. Since moving to the ever so slightly more 'happening' town of Bournemouth in Dorset and beginning my blogging/YouTube journey, the days of spa have become somewhat of a more frequent guilty pleasure. When Myriad blasted the Asda Little Angels event at the Dorchester for pregnant Mamas on social media I jumped at the chance.

The tube, I have to say, in the middle of Summer when you're (any stage) pregnant is not the one and with a bad case of travel sickness, my first few hours travelling to London were not ideal. As soon as I walked into the air-conned, 'floral'ly pleasing lobby of the Dorchester my previous woes were washed away. It's so flippin' beautiful!

After I was greeted by the lovely Vanessa and Lauren from Myriad along with the team at Asda Little Angels and presented with a gorgeous passion-fruit soft drink, we got stuck in to a very insightful and informative presentation about the newborn nappy range that Asda provide. I know what you're thinking. Insightful? Informative? Yeah, okay Sophie.. after another spa day are we?
I would like to think that working in a birth centre and having a child of my own has given me some experience in the world of nappy but there were things that I didn't know.

The plus sign on nappies relates to higher levels of absorbency as opposed to size.

Asda Little Angel's nappies have a specially designed flexi-fit band at the back of their nappies to help prevent those nighttime ninja, up the back, body covering poo explosions we all detest.

The colour coded waistband at the front of the nappy is there to help you as a size up guide when considering moving up to a larger nappy. 

Asda are one of the first and only providers of premature size nappies!

I have always been a firm supporter of Asda Little Angels products, we used them when Theo was a baby and all through our potty training journey and I intend to use them with our newest addition come December. They really are so versatile; they have listened to a plethora of mums and dads out there and answered our prayers. The nappies are SUPER soft, flexible with a wetness indicator and umbilical cord section that reduces irritation. What more could you want?

Once the presentation was over, it was time for afternoon tea and treatments. In all first world problems, this being one the smallest, I was let loose on the goodies before my massage. I did try my absolute best to keep consumption to a minimum but with such an amazing array of sandwiches, scones and puds how could I? With the Wimbledon Tournament being on in the UK, the food had a flare of tennis inspiration as did the floral bouquets.

I was shown to the changing area and introduced to my masseuse! Despite being provided the largest dressing gown known to man (see vlog below) I managed to float my way through the spa, through my treatment and back to the presentation room for more nibbles. Having never experienced a pregnancy massage before, I have to say it was magical and so relaxing. Just a big, fat, giant shame that I had to get the sweaty tube/train in rush hour back home! 

I had a wonderful day meeting some amazing women and left with a gorgeous goodie bag to match. 

Make sure you check out Asda Little Angels for their full range of products and remember they are only a weekly, online (hallelujah) shop away!

Like YouTube? Make sure you check out my vlog of the event and a wee nosy into my goodie bag.

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