How I am already 18 weeks is beyond me! 

Time is always a factor when you're growing a mini one isn't it? It's either going too quickly, not fast enough. I'm feeling utterly contented with the speed of this pregnancy; I feel as though I can cherish the time with Theo, enjoy my expanding waistline and look forward to meeting our new addition come December. 

So what am I feeling this week?

My sickness symptoms have eased off which is delightful but the heartburn seems to push on through that! I just need a whiff of a tomato and there's a rumbling in my throat. I have always suffered with this throughout my adult life so it's totally expected, it's just ramped up a few notches since egg met sperm. 
I do feel like my life has changed dramatically since having Theo. The days of lying in bed watching a series link of the Real Housewives is a forever ago dream but I'm not complaining. I'm a stone lighter, more active (not always by choice thanks to sharing my home with midget Bear Grylls) my diet has changed substantially and my health in itself couldn't be better. With fluctuating shift times and long hours, I feel as though I'm coping bloody well and I'm not ashamed to say that! We spend too much time over-analysing ourselves so it's nice to focus on the positive. 

I feel like bump's growth has really slowed down and although this picture may deceive, I'm actually not huge for 18 weeks. I will never complain if my bump stays small(ish). My ribs really suffered last pregnancy so I'm in no rush to reach that milestone. 

Braxton Hicks have come back with a vengeance. They don't hurt or feel uncomfortable but I do notice them every single time. Being able to feel the exact outline of your uterus is difficult to explain but if you're pregnant or have been before you'll know exactly what I mean. I'm glad my body is preparing itself for labour! Although I'm not thrilled about having to go through giving birth again, I am excited to have my baby as my career couldn't be more different this time around from what I used to do. I work in a low risk birth centre with amazing, amazing midwives and women that I consider great friends. They will be there to keep me sane, shhh me when I'm screaming for an epidural and share bringing my baby into the world. I really am one lucky lady!

And what's happening with minion?

I'm growing a ballet dancer, or a gymnast, sprinter, long jumper. You get my drift. Every time someone listens in, baby kicks the sonacaid, swooshes past doing belly flips.. I'm sure of it. Movements have slowed a lot and don't feel as obvious as they did a week or so ago but I appreciate how dinky this bean is. They could be faced in a direction that doesn't allow for much noticeable movement. 

We have our 20 week scan at the end of the month and I'm hoping to convince the husband (once we know baby is safe and well) to find out the gender. For me it isn't for convenience, it isn't so I can paint the 'nursery' or buy clothes appropriately; I want to bond with my wee one. I want to know who I'm singing to, who's booting my bladder at 4am, I want to imagine braiding hair or tightening shin guards. I would love either. I just want to know. 

I'm excited to document this pregnancy and I hope you're equally excited to follow along with us. 

Kisses x

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