Long gone are the years I grew corns every other weekend in poor shoe decision making. I remember one particular night out, after getting ready at a friend's house and deciding my own attire was unsuitable, trying to squeeze my size 6 toes into a size 5 baby pink kitten heel. The morning after hangover was the least of my concerns when I attempted to crawl out of my bed and realised I had massacred soles. It took more than a few repeat offences before I appreciated the importance of foot maintenance and when I was sent a pair of the 'Syra - White Snake' pumps, I felt like I died and gone to comfy shoe heaven. 

Apart from the gorgeous print and being a step in a great direction away from the classic converse or van sneaker, they are wonderfully cushioned and a great addition to jazz up a casual outfit. I love how they feel, their design and I feel like comfort and style go hand in hand. There is no need for us Mamas to crack out a ventilated pair of crocks any time soon!

Sometimes pregnancy can lead to poor posture so in an attempt to avoid achy ribs, something I suffered with tremendously with my last pregnancy, I'm keeping up with my prenatal yoga and trying to find any outfit that allows me to wear these bad boys! Apart from a little rubbing on the back of my heel the first time I wore them, they've been perfect. 

Vionic don't just offer sneakers, they offer heels, sandals, boots and ballet pumps; a shoe for every mood. And they do shoes for men too! I'll leave a link to their website for you to have a nosy!

It'll explain a little more of the science behind the shoe too if you're interested. 

I think pregnancy can be an interesting time for so many reasons and anything that can make it run smoother, more comfortable, lighten irritable moods, is a win win in my book. 
What were your go-to pregnancy products?

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