A week from hell? Or some serious first world problems? Things that pale into insignificance really?

So basing this on averages across the globe, I'd say my week has been alright but in the reality of 'me', it's been pretty shitty. 

It all started off with a little projectile vomiting episode from wee man. Off I head to make myself a cheeky cuppa and upon my return, the smell of soggy cheese washes over me. Turns out the toilet isn't a great place to barf; why not do it across the landing, up the wall and down three stairs? That'll make it easy for the post night shift, 20 weeks pregnant shell of a woman I had become. I'm still finding chunks of cucumber. 

And then my turn. 3am. The onslaught begins. That's 5 days I won't ever get back. And in my bleary state, I take a bath. With a flick of the wrist, down goes my phone. Who needs social media and contact with the outside world anyway!?

Lastly, Michael's turn. I work in the NHS but I don't make the best Florence Nightingale. Bed bound. Man flu times a thousand. I think I'd rather vomit myself than deal with a man throwing up! 

More importantly, we are out the other side and on the mend! 

On a much brighter note, we had our 20 week scan and things are progressing perfectly. Baby is healthy, happy and growing well... AND I managed to convince Mike to find out the gender so there will soon be a reveal on my YouTube channel. Make sure you subscribe so you don't miss out!

I've also posted my 19 week pregnancy update and intended birth plan over on the Choob if that tickles your pickle. I'm loving my pregnancy so far, sickness bug aside, long may it continue. 

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